San Giovanni in Val di Lago is a small octagonal church, built in the middle of the sixteenth century on the shores of Bolsena lake, on the ruins of an ancient medieval church, along the Via Francigena.

Participants of this competition are asked to reuse this space as a Pilgrim Center.

Here you can take a look to a brief recap of Reuse the Lake Chapel rules. For deeper informations please refer to the official competition rules handbook.

Site Description

The Lake Chapel is located in the Municipality of San Lorenzo Nuovo, on Bolsena Lake, 305 m above sea level. The site coordinates are:

Latitude: 42° 65’ 39.66’’ N
Longitude: 11° 90’ 63.19’’ E

Architecture Program

  • The participant must conceive the area as a pilgrims accommodation and cultural event center;
  • The participant must design a roof for the church, free in terms of shape and materials;
  • The church is still consecrated and its interior space must be used only for religious functions and classical music concerts;
  • The participant must design accommodations for pilgrims, suitable to host 10 people (individual or collective accommodations, up to the participants);
  • The accommodations must include a kitchen, a common dining hall and restrooms;
  • The participant must design an external auditorium space, adapt for events such as lectures, meetings, concerts, films;
  • The external auditorium must include restrooms for the audience.


A – Design quality on territorial scale

capacity of the proposed design to show a relaunching role for the church at the territorial scale.

max 10 points

B – Architectonical quality and relationship with the existence

capacity of the proposed design to relate with the ruin at the architectonical scale, accuracy in the method and in the conception of the monumental role of the renovation project.

max 10 points

C – Adherence to the requested principles

observance of prescribed functions and objectives, and evaluation of the capacity of the design to bring the citizenry together.

max 10 points

Honorable entry

Each jury member will choose 3 honorable entries, which will receive 5 additional points to the total score.

5 additional points


– 18 October: Opening of the Early Registration

– 23 November: Opening of the Regular Registration

– 24 December: Opening of the Late Registration

– 11 February: Submission deadline

– 10 March: Results

– Mid April: Exhibition of the projects

All deadlines are meant to be at 23.59 (GMT +1; Rome) of the prescribed day.

Design proposal Requirements

In order to avoid any kind of connection between participant identities and the design proposal, participants must define an alphanumeric code (teamID) composed by 2 letter and 4 numbers, for a total of 6 digits (non-case sensitive). The teamID will be chosen randomly by the participant while filling out the registration form.

Design submission material
1 sheet – A1 format (841mm x 594 mm) – PDF format (max size 10 mb), portrait orientation. The sheet must contain:
– the alphanumeric code (teamID) on the top right corner;
– a masterplan of the design proposal;
– a photo match of the design proposal into the existing building;
– a text that explains the design idea, with no specific length required;
– any other element or composition on participant choice.