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June 13th

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In the heart of the Alps, inside Europe’s highest mountains, an ancient fortress lies perched on a rocky terrace overlooking the Aosta Valley: Châtel-Argent. Constructed in the 12th century on a strategic location, its name poetically alludes to the silvery hue of its stones, which catch the sunlight and cast a bright glow across the landscape.

Together with Fondation Grand Paradis and the Municipality of Villeneuve, we issue a call for projects to transform the fortress into a mountain refuge, reusing the spaces of the church and the tower, and designing a modular shelter for hikers that can be replicated throughout the area.

Is it possible to breathe new life into these ancient medieval walls? The answer to this question lies in the hands of the architects and students who will participate in this competition.

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2nd • 1000€

1st • 2500€

3rd • 500€

1st • 2500€

2nd • 1000€

3rd • 500€

+ Honorable Mentions + Special Mentions for Innovative Proposal 

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A short film about Châtel-Argent in Villeneuve: this immersive documentary reveals the secrets and stories nestled within the crumbling walls of a forgotten civilization. What tales do these ancient stones whisper to those who listen closely?

Exhibition and publication

The submitted projects will be displayed on a local exhibition in July 2024 in Villeneuve.

The winning proposals and the mentions will be published on a book with ISBN.


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