Chiesa Diruta is a catholic church built in Grottole (MT) in the 15th century, in order to host the local community of clergymen and to become one the most important churches of the bishopric. It suffered a lot of damages due to earthquakes, fires, and building issues so it was soon abandoned.

Participants of this competition are asked to reuse this space as a Concert Hall.

Is it possible to bring back to life one of the most important religious buildings of Southern Italy? The answer to this question is in the hands of the architects, the engineers, and the students who participated in this competition. Go to Grottole and visit the exhibition until November 1st!

Competition publication

The mission outcomes have been collected into a dedicated publication.

Reuse Italy’s Dossier n. 3 – Reuse the Fallen Church is a collection of the first 50 projects, together with articles and analyses to frame the cultural event into the history of that heritage and look towards possible futures.

A preview of the publication is available on the book page.


Zsolt Frikker, Imre Bődi


Andrea Romanelli, Andrea Consonni


Julia Giżewska, Jerzy Wojewódka, Jakub Jopek


Special Mentions for Innovative Proposal

Awards ceremony and Exhibition

Competition's Jury

A gift from ARCHICAD!

GRAPHISOFT joined our mission, and it offers a FREE 6 MONTHS version of Archicad (instead of the normal 30 days), to those who participated in our contest! Furthermore, they have prepared the 3D BIM model of the Fallen-church. Have a look at it!

Collateral call: KooZA/rch

Teatro del Mondo by Aldo Rossi | submitted by Giuliano Pugliese, Francesca Latrofa
Cava Beola di Trontano | submitted by Giovanni Mensi, Stefano Sabatino
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre | submitted by Jian Chen
Pink Floyd Concert | submitted by Paolo Mercorillo
Arcipelago Ocno by Space Caviar | submitted by Maria Giada di Baldassarre, Elisa di Emidio, Mirco D’alessio, Davide Marinelli
Cumberland Caverns | submitted by Pauline Mainguy, Hugo Tremolada
The Rectors Palace, Dubrovnik |submitted by Dora Kralj, Daneisha Pile, Jake Coleman
Circular Anphitheather | submitted by Daniela Manni, Beatrice Abbonizio
Parra for Cuva live at Cañon del Sumidero, Mexico for Cercle | submitted by Antonioalberto Atzori, Isidoro Pannitti
Soldiers play piano in Grozny | submitted by Andrea Trenti, Alessandro Selmi, Stefano Titta


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