Along the coastline of the enchanting region of Puglia, in southern Italy, there are the ruins of an ancient system of fortification, the coastal towers. The towers were strategically placed along the coast, to provide visual signals to nearby towns and villages in case of sea invaders.

Torre Rinalda, located in the territory of Lecce, is a remarkable example of this architectural defensive apparatus. Built in the 16th century with local limestone, the tower has a square base of over 10 meters on each side and a sloped body.

Together with the Municipality of Lecce, we asked the participants to design a second life for Torre Rinalda, turning it into a landmark with a restored territorial meaning, and turning the unused spaces into a public place for gathering and sighting.


The mission outcomes have been collected into a dedicated publication.

Reuse Italy’s Dossier n.  – Reuse the Tower showcases a collection of the best projects, accompanied by articles and analyses that contextualize the cultural event within the heritage’s history and explore potential futures.

A preview of the publication is available on the book page.


Emine Zeytin, Gülüzar Gözay, İbrahim Özvariş


Michele Esposito Cennamo, Lukas Isak


Andrea Fornaro Francesca Rossi Lucrezia Tagliabò

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ZAA - Zamboni Associati Architettura

Zamboni Associati is an architectural practice based in Italy since the 1970s. They pursue a method in which both the big scale and the detail are achieved with the same quality. They have realized and designed commercial and industrial buildings, public spaces, restorations, regeneration plans, urban and landscape masterplans. They took part in national and international competitions, and they are active in the field of exhibition design.

Kuehn Malvezzi

Kuehn Malvezzi is an architectural practice based in Berlin since 2001. Public spaces, museums and exhibitions are the focus of their work as architects, designers and curators. Prizes and awards include the Canadian Architect Award, nominations for the Mies van der Rohe Award and DAM Prize. Their projects have been shown in various exhibitions, including Architecture Biennial in Venice, Architecture Biennale in Chicago and Lisboa Triennial. Kuehn Malvezzi’s work stands between practice, theory and research.

K O S M O S Architects

KOSMOS is an architectural practice with offices in Zürich and Graz. The office realizes projects of diverse scales: from a door handle to a city plan; and of different types: from art installations and pavilions to big public, residential, cultural and infrastructural buildings. KOSMOS combines art and technology; experience learned at the best international practices with attention to local specificities and resources.

Merixell Inaraja

Merixell founded her office in 1995 in Vic, Barcelona. She developed several public and private works about the reuse and architectural restoration. Her works has been exhibited at the Biennale di Architettura in Venice in 2012. Since 2009 she is member of the Technical Commission on Cultural Heritage in Central Catalonia.

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