The Castle of Ripafratta, one of the most important fortress of Tuscany, is a ruin since the XVI century. The last renovation was designed by the famous renaissance architect Antonio da Sangallo in 1504, probably in collaboration with Leonardo da Vinci.
Is it possible to bring life back inside this medieval walls? The answer to this question is in the hands of the architects, the engineers and the students who participated to this competition.

Competition publication

The mission outcomes have been collected into a dedicated publication.

Reuse Italy’s Dossier n. 1 – Reuse the Castle is a collection of the first 50 projects, together with articles and analyses to frame the cultural event into the history of that heritage and look towards possible futures.

A preview of the publication is available on the books page.


Marco Presta, Sara Spano


Lucila Castañeda Aller, Valerio Giovannini


Filippo Bison, Enrico Berti, Anastasia Bergamo, Martina Fent

Awards ceremony and Exhibition

Competition's Jury


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