Re-use The Roman Ruin is Online!

Save the heritage, re-use it!

We promote the re-use of the forgotten historical buildings in Italy, in team with national organizations, institutions, worldwide famous architects and the local citizenry.

Piscina Mirabilis, Bacoli (Naples)

Re-use the Roman Ruin


We believe that it’s possible to bring life back inside the ancient italian ruins.

Ripafratta (Pisa)


The Castle of Ripafratta, one of the most important fortress of Tuscany, is a ruin since the XVI century. The last renovation was designed by the famous renaissance architect Antonio da Sangallo in 1504, together with Leonardo da Vinci.
In collaboration with many other organizations, we had one question: is it possible to reuse this medieval walls?
Designers, who participated to this competition, showed us that there’s still hope.


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