We’ve all felt the thrill of stepping into an architectural ruin, a place where history whispers through crumbling walls and ancient stones. These ruins, scattered across the globe, are powerful testaments to our civilization’s past. To ensure these stories are preserved and not forgotten, we are launching an unprecedented call for photos. Our goal is to create a comprehensive photographic map of ruins from around the world and publish a book that showcases the most captivating images.

The “Atlas of Ruins” book will feature a stunning selection of the most beautiful and surprising photos from each nation, complemented by insightful texts from international scholars of visual arts, architecture, and design. We invite participants to submit one or more photos of a ruin. This contest is open to all photographers—professionals, amateurs, and anyone who has, even by chance, captured a moment of life within an architectural ruin. Share your vision and be part of this extraordinary collection.

Join the mission of our photo contest and immortalize the world’s architectural ruins. We’re waiting for your shots!

Submit a photo and map ruins worldwide

The pictures can belong to any part of the world and any historical period 


2nd • 300€

1st • 1000€

3rd • 200€

1st • 1000€

2nd • 300€

3rd • 200€

+ Country Mentions - The best photo for each country will be published in the printed book

+ All the participants will receive a copy of the Atlas of Ruins.


The small fee is intended to support the publishing cost, and it will guarantee you a copy of the ebook.

  • Submit 1 photo: 10 EUR fee
  • Submit 2 photos: 15 EUR fee
  • Submit from 3 to 10 photos: 20 EUR fee

The fee is VAT excluded.

  • Participation is open to everybody: photographers, amateurs, university students, architects, designers.  
  • Participants can enroll as individuals or a collective group
  • Photos should be without logo or watermark
  • Image size/ type: preferably Jpeg files, with a minimum dimension of 1200 pixels on the longest edge and less than 5 MB file size
  • Images can be created on film, digital camera or your mobile phone, in any orientation such as square, portrait, or landscape


Submit the ruin!

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