International architecture competitions are a medium between the ruin and the world, between the community around them and the architects, engineers, and students, who are able to open their eyes to unexplored buildings. People who decide to participate in our contest are part of a community who believes in the potential of forgotten heritage and shares our vision about its reuse.
The competition input is the result of a dialogue with the place and the locals, understanding the necessities and the complexity inside it. The output is a series of projects, visions, and images about a new life within the historical architecture.

Reuse Italy’s Dossier n. 3 – Reuse the Fallen Church is a collection of the first 50 projects of the competition, together with articles and analyses to frame the cultural event into the history of that heritage and look towards possible futures.

As you scroll through the projects, you can see the endless possibilities to reuse and bring back life inside those fascinating ancient objects.

ISBN (ebook): 978-88-947-2152-2

Language: English

Dimensions: ISO A4 (ebook – PDF format)

Pages: 140

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