Official Q&A for the competition Reuse the Fallen-church, Grottole. Read or send questions with the form!

For how many total people should the concert hall be? 

Refer the rules, chapter 2: “The participant must design an (or multiple) auditorium space, adapt for lectures, meetings, concerts, films, performance art. This space must be usable both in winter and in
summer. Please, consider no less than 1,3 square meters per person in the audience. “ It’s up to you how many people can stay in the auditorium space(s), just respect the requirement of no less than 1,3 square meters per person.

Can I change team members after the registration?

Teams are welcome to add, remove, or swap team members as long as their total members does not exceed four.

Is there any limit on the height of new constructions?

There is no limit according to the rules.

Should we consider the acoustic issue in our design?

The respect of acoustic parameters and/or related laws is not mandatory for the requested design detail.

I lost my team ID, where can i find it?

In the confirmation email of the registration. Check out also you spam folder.

Can we attach new structures to the existing walls?

Yes, you can.

I have a question about graphic materials. In the ‘Rules’ pdf, section ‘Design submission material’ photo match is mentioned. Should I work with photo match method only?

You can use any kind of three-dimensional representation you want, as a sketch or an illustration, just show your project together with the church.

Can I use this competition as my master degree thesis?

Yes you can, there is no problem on our side.

I would like to ask is it possible to take part in the competition “Reuse the Fallen Church-Chiesa Diruta” as a collaboration of two studios?

Yes, you can. Put the two names with a + in between in the “team name” field during the registration process.

How can I install my Archicad free 6 months version?

See the instruction contained in the email we sent you for the confirmation of the registration.

Will the free version of archicad be available for both mac and windows?

Yes, sure. Both Italian and International as well.

I never received my confirmation email, where can I get it?

Please, check out your spam folder.