The competition, supported by local and international organizations, has the purpose to promote the re-use of Piscina Mirabilis, showing that it’s still possible to bring like back inside this roman Reservoir. We would like to thank in advance all the participants, every submitted project will be extremely useful in the civic challenge of making the forgotten heritage reuse paramount in Italy.
The jackpot is 3500 euro : the winner team of the competition will receive a prize of 2500 Euro and they will be invited to explain their project to the citizenry during the exhibition of the projects, in July 2020. The second prize is 600 euro, the third prize is 400 euro.

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Read carefully the competition rules.

Download the participation kit with the drawings, the photos and the historical report

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Read the Q&A (it’s updated day by day)


Fill out the form and pay the subscription fee. The fee is intended to cover the organization and administration costs, the jackpot and the exhibition of the submitted projects. Reuse Italy is powered and supported by EX32, which manages the fiscal aspects of the competition.

• Regular registration € 59 + VAT
(Deadline April 23rd)

• Late registration € 69 + VAT (from April 24th to June 19th)
– 22% VAT – participants from worldwide.

If you want to change something later (for example the name of the participants) send us an email (
If you encounter any problem with the form, please, write us, our team will be glad to help you out.

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