EARLY Registration is now open!

EARLY Registration
9th November 2020 – 13th December 2020
Registration fee: 55 EUR

The registration includes:

  • The participation in the contest for one team
  • A 6 months free version of Archicad for all the team members
  • A beta version of the e-book of the projects participating in the contest “ReUse the Roman Ruin”

The fee is intended to cover the organization costs, the prizes, the exhibition of the projects, the publishing of a book, and other technical performances related to the organization.

REGULAR Registration
14th December 2020 – 24th January 2021
Registration fee: 65 EUR

LATE registration
25th January 2021 – 12th March 2021
Registration fee: 75 EUR

Submission deadline
12th March 2021

Results Announcement
12th April 2021

Exhibition of the projects
April 2021

All deadlines are meant to be at 23.59 (GMT Rome) of the prescribed day.

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