Collateral call #2 “Fill the void”

Besides the contest Reuse the Fallen Church, we are looking for contributions to investigate the concept of “filling the void” using the facade of the Fallen Church as a case study.

Our question to you is: how to fill this void?
Is the strategy of “how it was, where it was” the best choice? is a contemporary facade that dialogues with the existing a possible critical solution? Is a provocative and ironic solution the another way to highlight some theoretical problems? Should the symmetry be preserved? What statue can replace the missing one?

Participants of this call will explore the controversial issue of the unity of an artwork, and one of the most paradigmatic restoration theory issue.

(This call is reserved to those who are subscribed to the “Reuse The Fallen Church” contest only)



Participants should send their proposal filling out the form at the end of this page.

You should send a .jpeg file, with the same dimension of the given file, with your proposal, of less than 10MB.

Here you can download the file in .psd format to work with.

You are allowed to draw beyond the red shape, but it is forbidden to extend the drawing beyond the paper border. At the end of the call, the best solutions will be published in a taxonomic table, so all the proposal should follow the same format. There is no further rule.

The call is not mandatory. Participants of the main contest can decide to participate with their main design, or contribute with a total different proposal.



Deadline for submission

March 12th 2021

Online publishing of the results

Beginning of April 2021

Exhibition & book publishing

Selected contribution will be published at the exhibition in Grottole (April 2021) and published in the book related to the competition (2022)

Info regarding the call

[email protected]


Submission form

Use the same of your subscription to the competition
This email will be used for official comunication from Reuse Italy.
Describe your proposal values and achievements. Lenght limit is 250 words.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload your image in jpeg format. Max size 5 MB.