Reuse the Ruin – Summer Architecture Workshop is an intensive summer course specifically oriented to provide a full experience in architectural restoration, from the theory to the details.

Lectures and reviews by international architects, such as Barozzi-Veiga, and Italian University Professors (Florence and Pisa); an applied workshop about the ghost town of Castelvecchio (San Gimignano), with a site inspection and a public final exhibition of the projects.

23July - 1 August / Florence (Italy)

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Learning Architecture Restoration in Florence


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March 15 – May 31



July 23 – August 1, 2021

Workshop study case: The ghost town of Castelvecchio (San Gimignano, Siena)

The village was founded in the Middle Ages, on a previous Etruscan settlement, and it was inhabited since the VI century. Its current organization is due to the Langobardic occupation, and it consists of an archipelago of ruins, including a church, two towers, houses, and a mill. The workshop is organized in partnership with the local association "Gruppo storico Castelvecchio".

Workshop location: Officina Creativa Monastery and Museo Marino Marini

Officina Creativa, located in one of the most famous neighborhoods of Florence, San Frediano, is a former monastery recently restored to host events. The workshop will be held inside the halls of the monastery. Museo Marino Marini is one of the most important museums of Florence, and the lectures will take place there.

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Participants are protected from the Covid-19 emergency. In the event of further international or national restrictions preventing students from participating, the fees will be refunded.

At the same time, participants coming from abroad will receive an official participation letter explaining the educational reason for the travel.