Re-use The Castle/RIPAFRATTA

Architecture competition on the Re-use of RIPAFRATTA CASTLE, San Giuliano Terme (Pisa)

The Castle of Ripafratta, one of the most important fortress of Tuscany, is a ruin since the XVI century. The last renovation was designed by the famous renaissance architect Antonio da Sangallo in 1504, probably in collaboration with Leonardo da Vinci.
Is it possible to bring life back inside this medieval walls?
The answer to this question is in the hands of the architects, the engineers and the students who will participate to this competition.
The submitted projects will be displayed in an exhibition in a historical villa and the winners, in addition of receiving a prize, will be invited to explain their project to the citizens during the “Festival of the Castle”, June 8-9th 2019.




Beginning of the competition


Submission deadline


dal 16-05-2019
Jury meetings


Festival of the Castle, exhibition of the projects, winners announcement.


International Jury

Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners
Massimo Alvisi & Junko Kirimoto

Vector Architects
Gong Dong

Mats Andersen & Trond Greve

University of Pisa
Prof. Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua

Werner Tscholl Architecture
Werner Tscholl

Chris Precht

Ted Baab

Atelier Ars
Alejandro Guerrero & Andrea Soto

Citizen Jury
Associazione Salviamo la Rocca

Marina Tabassum Architects
Marina Tabassum

Ordine degli Architetti di Pisa
Gabriele Cei


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Fill the void

The submission requests just:
one A1 size sheet with the drawings of your project
one A4 size sheet with the explanation of your design strategy

The participation-kit contains:
– drawings 2D CAD
3D Digital Model
aerial and ground pictures
3d physical model pictures
Historical report.