The competition, promoted by local and national organizations, has the goal to valorize this forgotten castle and to show that is possible to bring back life inside this walls. Thanks in advance to all the submitted projects, which will be extremely useful in this civic paramount challenge.
The jackpot is 2500 euro : the winner team of the competition will receive a prize of 2000 Euro and they will be invited to explain their project to the citizenry during the “Castle Festival”, June 8th-9th 2019. The second prize is 300 euro, the third prize is 200 euro.

Follow the next 4 steps to participate and submit your project:

Step 1

Read carefully the competition rules.

Download the participation kit with the drawings, the photos and the historical report

(Select the folders in gdrive, right click, then press donwload)

Step 2

Pay the subscription fee with paypal. The fee request is intended to cover the organization costs, the jackpot and the exhibition of the submitted projects.
• Current registration € 50 (competition fee) + 10 (membership)

Step 3

Fill out this form with the team informations.

Step 4

 Upload your project here. The confirmation will appear on the webpage, you will not receive the confirmation by email.
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If you have any question, write us!

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